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Turbo Subs – Game Review

The Turbo Subs game is the follow up to the popular game Turbo Pizza. Well guess what? This time it is all about the sandwiches. How have developers followed up from their popular first try – is it an improvement? Or has the game stood still?

This game is all about the pace; Rebecca and Robert are re-opening their doors to a world of impatient sandwich lovers. The main developmental point this time is the difficultly. Turbo Pizza players might be able to get straight into the game play, but new comers should be a bit more patient with the way they attempt the game. My advice is if you think you might struggle take your time in the tutorial mode, but if you struggle with this then you have no idea what is around the corner.

Just like Turbo Pizza you are set a minimum turnover that you have to reach every level, failure to get to this amount will cost you the level and eventually your sanity! To reach your goal you have to serve customers with their selected items as quickly as possible.

With the increase of money comes an increase in development of your items. You can upgrade these at the end of every level. Like the previous game you have a selection of items you can buy. So even though this game is a fast paced clicker, it is not just about being able to click in the right Free Online Clicker Games place at the right time, there is also a tactical side to play. If you buy the wrong items at the wrong times then your chances of completing a level decrease significantly.

As I mentioned before the difficultly has increased significantly, and the main factor to this is how quickly the customers become irate. Remember if a customer leaves due to slow service then you will not get their money.

Once again this is not a game for the easily flustered, or the easily confused. For games like this, it is essential that you carry the priceless ability to multi task, along with a quick finger and a good memory to match. If you have all these key elements, then you will find the game easier than others might. However, if you do not carry the above skills and you still enjoy frantic times then this game will still be for you.

Hints and tips.

On the opening levels make sure you get a feel for the setup as this does not change, if you struggle to remember where things are on later levels then it will cost you dearly.

If you find that you are waiting around for Rebecca, then one of the essential upgrades for you is the improvement in service, even though it is expensive you will make sure you can get your customers out the door happier.

Updated: April 14, 2018 — 9:48 pm

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